When it comes to top-selling aerosols, Aerox is your reliable full-service provider! You can rely on individual, all-round support that revolves completely around the market objectives of your company and the wishes of your customers. From the project concept to the development of formulas to effective tools for product marketing, Aerox offers far more than high-quality cosmetics.


Using current trends for you

In the interests of our customers, we are continually expanding our product range to include first-class cosmetics in an attention-grabbing form. In close cooperation with one of the global players in aerosol manufacturing, we take the latest trends and innovations and develop them into market-ready products for our customers – whether you want to develop a new product concept or to expand an existing product line.


Providing fast and appealing products

Our exclusive production partner’s worldwide production sites enable us to keep the entire portfolio of products close to the target markets. This reduces transport and storage costs and saves on import duties to the benefit of our customers. We also offer a wide range of customized options for a perfect market presentation: From high-quality packaging to product displays to the development and realization of complete marketing concepts.


Offering a worldwide quality guarantee

Only consumer-friendly ingredients are used for our aerosols – which are, of course, free of unwanted substances, such as aluminum salts, octocrylene, silicones, parabens, and allergens. This has been confirmed via product comparisons by independent institutions, such as “Öko-Test” and “Stiftung Warentest”. All aerosols produced for the European market are "Made in Germany" in certified filling plants, and their development and production is carried out according to current GMP and IFS-HPC standards. For all markets outside of Europe, our international production partner guarantees the quality of each cosmetic product according to the relevant guidelines and standards for that market.

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