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Innovative products for a higher added value


Our product range of traditional and Bag-on-Valve system aerosols leaves nothing to be desired. Whether spray, foam, or gel: We are continually supplementing our portfolio of products with the newest developments in international personal care – which the market graciously accepts. Because new products with innovative applications incite curiosity, they easily translate into improved quality and increased consumer spending at an attractive price-performance ratio.


Our experience shows: Our products afford our trade partners a high added value! Aerosol technology also offers numerous advantages that appeal to end customers at the point of sale:

Especially hygienic – The product containers are under pressure, making it virtually impossible for pathogenic germs and bacteria to enter after filling.


Long-lasting and skin-friendly  – Excellent protection against external influences makes expiration dates unnecessary with all of our long-lasting products. Thanks to the absence of preservatives, they are suitable for all skin types – even the most sensitive ones.


Easy to apply  – All products can be distributed easily over the skin. The precise combination of the valve and spray head makes it possible to accurately measure the amount of product dispensed and 360° application makes the product particularly easy to use.

Sun Care


Above all else, today’s consumer wants uncomplicated sun protection – something easy to use and lightweight that protects against the effects of UV-A and UV-B rays for as long as possible. Our spray-on aerosol sunscreen is extremely easy to use: Our transparent sprays absorb into the skin immediately and the gently moisturizing foam of our mousse sunscreens refreshes the skin and allows for easy distribution.


Along with our traditional sunscreens and after-sun aerosols, we supplement your private label’s line of sun care products with innovations that create real purchasing incentives: These include, “Wet-Skin” – specially designed for wet skin – as well as perspiration-resistant variants for athletes and extra-water resistant variants that work especially well at protecting children during water play.



Deodorants are purchased time and time again as an essential in the daily personal care routines of many consumers. With popular fragrances and the reliable feeling of freshness that our products provide, Aerox deodorants, antiperspirants, and body sprays convince discerning and price-conscious end customers in all aspects.


We offer customized formulas for your private label in all commercial packaging variants – on request, completely without silicones, parabens, or aluminum salts. Complete your existing product line with customized aerosol deodorants from Aerox!

Personal Care


Shower foams, body lotions, and aromatherapy sprays for personal care – our aerosols combine popular fragrances and high-quality ingredients in an original packaging that attracts customers. Our products meet the increased desire of many consumers for something special in their daily personal care routines.

Our aerosol foams provide a much richer lather than traditional shower gels and our body sprays are easier, faster, and more comfortable to use than countless other lotions. An appealing selection for any consumer.

Hair Care


From beauty basics to professional products, we are well-versed in hair care: Our selection of hair care products includes modern foam shampoos and conditioners as well as hairsprays and mousses in all hold strengths, dry shampoos, and root touch-up sprays.


Our product formulas – in standard or compressed versions – ensure gentle cleansing and care as well as perfect styling. Foams and mousses enrich your product line as original alternatives to classic hair care products and draw consumers’ attention to your brand.


Shaving Products


Our shaving creams and gels provide a silky smooth feel and allow razor blades to glide gently over the skin. Aerox aerosols – available in popular fragrances for men and women – prepare the skin for an optimal shave and protect against irritations.


We also develop customized products for select target markets. High-quality ingredients, such as panthenol and vitamin E, and variants for sensitive skin as well as specialized razors for the face and body provide high satisfaction in even the most discerning consumers.

Foot Care


More and more people are seeking well-groomed and healthy feet. Correspondingly, the market for foot care products is one of the fastest growing in cosmetics. Consumers expect effective products that are easy to use. Our sensible range of products includes modern sprays and foams with high quality ingredients, such as urea and shea butter.


Attractive in effectiveness and application: Our foot spray protects against moist feet and unwanted odors and can be sprayed directly from the can onto the feet – so your hands remain clean! Our classic shoe deodorant neutralizes odors and prevents athlete’s foot; and all of our foot care foams, our foams for dry, cracked feet, and our refreshing “Crackling-Mousse” are easy to apply.

Hand Care


Hand care creams are among the most popular cosmetic products for men and women. Aerox hand care foams provide benefits over and above many traditional alternatives: The product’s smooth texture allows for quick absorption and easier distribution over the skin and provides long-lasting moisture for well-groomed hands. For the flawless look of polished nails in no time, Aerox fast-drying spray for nails offers the perfect solution.


In addition to the advantages provided by aerosol application, the innovativeness that sets our aerosols apart from other products also makes it possible for your private label to offer attractive pricing even with hand care products.

Compressed Products


Aerox is a pioneer in compressed technology: As the first private label service provider in Europe, we have made it possible for retailers to offer effective deodorants in an especially compact form. Today, our customers have a large and growing variety of compressed aerosols to choose from.


In addition to their great popularity on the shelf, compressed products also have sustainable ecological and economic advantages: Approximately 20% less packaging aluminum and only half as much propellant gas as with conventional products are needed to achieve a product presentation that remains in line with the market standards.

Facial Care


Crèmes and lotions for the face belong to the majority of consumers’ morning and evening skin care routines. Novel products and innovative application methods create the opportunity for brands in this sector to distinguish themselves strikingly from the competition.


Aerox offers a wide range of cleansers and skin care products for the face, neck and décolleté. We use gentle, skin-specific formulas that support the natural acidic protective coat of the facial skin – from micellar cleansing foams to foam masks and anti-aging products.

You need more information? We are looking forward to your inquiry!

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