10 | 2014

Aerosol Sun Care very successful in 2014


Products with light textures and transparent sprays are on trend. The fine mist is easily absorbed by the skin and non-sticky. Products with our wet-skin technology can be applied directly on wet skin. Additional highlights are cooling effects and a tanning maximizer. The sun lotion SPF 50 provides special protection for the sensitive skin of children (and adults). The range is completed by after-sun care.


We extend our range by the products protect & tan, protect & wet skin and protect & refresh. All products are available as standard aerosol or BOV in the sizes 150ml or 200ml, the minis are 50ml.

05 | 2014

Aerox Compressed APD / deodorant inspires professional audience at

the PLMA 2014


Our appearance at the PLMA 2014 "World of Private Label" focussed on the successful launch of our Compressed Deodorants in the Müller drugstores. Launched by an article in the Lebensmittelzeitung, there was a huge interest in other developments of our company.


The PLMA experts had selected our concepts of Dry Conditioner and Body Lotion Spray for the "New Product Expo" which presents innovative new products and packaging solutions.


Our innovation pipeline is filled with additional applications and the discussions with our esteemed national and international contacts in the trade and brand world show the "hunger" for real innovation.

We are looking forward to further developments!

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