11 | 2013

Web Relaunch


Aerox has renewed its web presence. The new homepage has a clear structure and offers lots of information about our company and our portfolio. A special highlight is our product movie showing the broad range of aerosol applications.

08 | 2013

New Product: Air Freshener


The 5 fragrance range includes Flower Power, Oceanic Splash, Lavender Breeze, Citrus Fresh and After Tobacco and comes in a 300ml tinplate can. The air fresheners provide an instant burst of freshness to your room and fight bad odours.

05 | 2013

Aerox at PLMA


Our stand at this year’s PLMA featured the newly developed concentrated aerosol. The concept had also been chosen by the PLMA committee to be presented in the New Product Expo which introduces innovative products and packaging solutions. This led to a corresponding high demand for this product. We also presented our current product range with the categories deodorant, shaving and sun protection.


The PLMA is the leading private label exhibition, and we are already working on interesting concepts for 2014.

04 | 2013

Our smart aerosol concentrate


It’s time to concentrate… with our sustainable concentrated aerosols 75ml last as long as a standard 150ml product. This system also works with the 100 ml = 200 ml variant. The compressed anti-perspirant offers a 48h protection against sweat and odour while requiring less packaging and propellant than standard products. These advantages can also be adapted to other product categories.

06 | 2013

Product Movie


Need aerosols? Our product movie provides insights into our product portfolio.

07 | 2013

Sun protection in an aerosol


Sun protection spray is a growing segment. It is easy to use, and when in BOV also 360 degree applicable. The spray is easy to spread, quickly absorbed by the skin and provides a reliable protection against sun rays. Because of the pressurized container, no micro-contamination can occur as it often happens with tubes or jars.


Since July, Aerox supplies a sun protection spray for children for the German drugstore chain Müller.

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